Overcoming scarcity consciousness

Book – Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

In my quest to share all the healing keys from the book, here is the second one, under the heading ‘Avoidance and denial’. This is no substitute for the information in the book, but the harmonic and statement have value as a standalone healing tool:

“I acknowledge that I have avoided and denied aspects of my life. I now commit to wellness, to lovingly meet and release all that I have locked away.”

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Resonators to support us with electromagnetic smog

Thank you also for your support with my resonators. It excites me to feel this growing number of users adding their energy to the network of love these little vibrational chips support. If you keep buying, I’ll keep making!

Here is a recent testimonial from a client from South Africa:

“Thank you Andrew, the resonators I’ve purchased from you are absolutely effective! I’ve stuck one on my skin (on my arm) for a day and I felt grounded and more centered, even noticed a positive effect on my meditations. I could easily slip into meditation and connect with Source. I dream every night but on the night I had slept with the resonator, I had some profound dreams” Anusha

Today’s theme: Breaking out of scarcity thinking

I must start by saying that I am not speaking here to those in crisis, for whom scarcity is real and perhaps even life threatening. This is for those of us who feel relatively safe and free to fully express ourselves.

I do believe we come from a place of unconditional love and need context, through conditional love, to help us understand and appreciate who we truly are. As part of that context, we are here to explore and transcend our collective sense of scarcity.

If we go back to the original Adam and Eve story, it was the temptation of more – knowledge in this case – that woke them up to the realities of duality, love and shame. In anthropological terms, I suggest this story represents the time when the early homesteaders and hunter gatherers decided that they wanted what their neighbour had. As a species, we stopped living in harmony with our surroundings and became materialistic in nature.

Scarcity is not a reflection of actual monetary wealth, you can be rich and have poverty consciousness or relatively poor and feel abundant. If you are struggling, it is not a direct reference to how you relate to money. Your struggles might simply be a consequence of global, patriarchal greed that has redistributed our natural resources unfairly and the ‘illusion of meritocracy’ that encourages us to see this inequity as warranted.

Of course, scarcity isn’t just about material possessions, it can apply to our sense of free time, love, wisdom, compassion, or fulfillment. Any belief that there is something missing in our lives takes us away from our present moment into a desire for future gratification. For example, ‘when I find my true life path, I will be happy’ or ‘when I retire I will start having fun’… If we do this, we are living in absence, in lack, and creating more of the same.

How do we transcend scarcity?

Should we work harder? Save more? Prioritise our own needs over others? No, these ideas can still have scarcity at their core. The key solution is GRATITUDE.

This is one of the great drivers of true manifestation. If our prayers and visions contain gratitude for all that we already have, then we acknowledge our abundance and we show energetically that we already have enough. Conversely, when we pray for more, to receive, then we are showing the creative energies around us that we are in lack, that we are in ‘want’ in both its meanings.

Prayers of gratitude must come from a valid place though, so find those areas in your life where you do genuinely feel abundant and express gratitude for those, it’s contagious! We cannot manipulate creative energy by our words and prayers if our beliefs and actions are not aligned with those words. If there is misalignment, we will create from that place of confusion and contradiction.

Embodying gratitude

I suggests 3 key steps:

Set your intention – decide that you want to live in abundance at all levels and thank God and Spirit for their support and for the abundance that you already have. Be specific.

Heal the blocks to your abundance. What beliefs did your parents show you and live by? What does society show you? What do you believe around scarcity? You may need support in this, so please find a therapist or use my book to help you.

Take abundant action. That doesn’t mean giving away all your money, but be generous without expectation of reciprocation. Give for the simple joy of giving, not to receive back. Show abundance of time by taking a long bath, calling a friend, having a walk in nature without purpose. Live abundantly at all levels, inhabit your own personal Garden of Eden.

With love


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