The time is now

You may remember the concept of the ‘in breath’ and the ‘out breath’ from my May newsletter – where I suggested that both action and space holding were essential as the coronavirus pandemic continued though our world. My sense then was that front line workers were the out breath for our societies in that initial phase of pandemic response while those who couldn’t respond in such an active way would hold a quiet space of vision and support in the background.

The newsletter spoke of a change where those in the quiet seclusion of their personal experiences and healing journeys would need to emerge and stand strong in shared values that would hold the new world energies as they started to manifest. There would be overlap, we could still honour our internal journey as we look outward, and visa versa, but the primary focus would shift.

I feel that this time has arrived and that, from the 21st December 2020 solstice, the out breath moves into a new gear. Here’s why:

1. The solstice is a natural marking point where the darkness starts to recede and the light emerges. It is traditionally a time when our inward focus changes as we start to look into what lies outside of ourselves. It is a natural turning point.

2.  Astrologically, this time is clearly recognised. Astrologer Chani Nicholas’ discusses in her Website how this solstice is particularly important and marks a special transition beyond what we would expect to see within the cycle of a normal year. In her words: “The astrology of 2021 is radical. Set to innovate our most outdated structures, the revolutions that want to be embodied by us will span the entirety of our world; from the personal to the political we are ready for a systems update. The structures of our inner and outer world that are the most rigid, seemingly solid, and traditionally held as the standard or the norm, will be tried, tested, and reconfigured by an urgent call for change”.

3. I have just started to notice a shift in the sacred sites of our land. I live in the west country of England and I have found myself connecting to ancient sites where historically there have been ceremony, spiritual practices, and power struggles. Glastonbury is an example of this, but there are other places of ceremony in this area, much less known, whose custodians are tuned into the new energy.  I have connected with places and people around Glastonbury recently that are changing with the arrival of conscious custodians and a shift towards a new energy. They are small, inconspicuous in many ways, but are part of the fractal group of what I believe are just under 100 sacred sites that are holding the new energy in this land. Each offers an exponential increase in the energy of the collective whole.  This is likely to be a worldwide shift where people are starting to create positive change and thus shift the resonance of the planet.

The world is in desperate need for this new direction. This is a watershed moment where grass-roots effort is needed to disrupt the move towards censorship, lack of true support for the vulnerable, centralisation of power and the loss of freedom. When I tune into the essence of this new energy, I get that it can be defined by a single word – community. This essence requires equality, respect, connection, shared decision making and a loving relationship with nature.

This is the world I dream of. It will not be created through the efforts of one or two heroes stepping into positions of visibility and power but from the collective momentum of us all, where we each live aligned with the core values that bring us together rather than apart. This is the nature of fractal geometry; we each hold a small part of the overall picture and, in doing so, collective change becomes inevitable.

And it’s already starting. If you want an example of how the old energy is crumbling, you need look no further than Brexit which is based on separation and division and has struggled from its first conceptual days to bring any sense of flow or grounding. It is awash with the old energy of self-protection and isolation. As I write this, experts suggest there may even be ‘no deal’, that after a year of hard negotiations, there is no alignment in the separation. A push to break away from the essence of agreed values is incongruous with the energy of community and will struggle, if not fail completely.

A call to action

So, my invitation to you is to explore two questions:

1. What does community mean to me?

2. How can I bring it about in my world?

Every little change we make in this direction moves the collective experience forward in alignment. There is no wasted effort. EVERYTHING COUNTS NOW.

With love


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