‘Heal your Past, Free Your Future’

Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

‘Heal your Past, free your future’ offers a unique perspective within the genre of emotional and spiritual healing.

It is a book of two parts:

Part I explores the principles of healing, drawing on both the wisdom of ancient teachings and the author’s own extensive experiences as a healer. These teachings connect the reader to timeless truths, revealed in a highly accessible, easy to read way, interspersed with anecdotes from his own healing journey.

Part II is the self help section which offers clear protocols to help release whatever issues and imbalances come up for the reader. Personal stories can be held and supported by the structure and healing codes contained within this unique 12 step process.

Some of the areas covered include:

  • The 5 layers of the healing process

  • Healing across time

  • Healing as a Hero’s journey

  • Death and rebirth within every treatment

  • Working with full permission

  • The shadows of complementary healthcare, including privilege and cultural appropriation

  • Avoiding ‘spiritual bypassing’ and ‘toxic positivity’

  • Expanding into global support and our responsibilities to our planet

The author

Andrew Kempleton is an internationally recognised intuitive healer, who combines the teachings of ancient traditions with his own experiences derived from 20 years and thousands of hours of clinical practice. He built a reputation as a healer who can see the threads that run through our complex lives and bring them into a clear and accessible form.

Andrew is perhaps best known for his free on-line healing experience ‘Quantum K’, created in 2008, which is now available in 9 languages and has reached over a million people worldwide. This book is Andrew’s next offering and brings into the public domain all the new areas he has been exploring and studying over the last 13 years.

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PDF Download

In view of the high international postage costs, I have made available a pdf file of the book, which you can download and either read on line or print. If you order the download using the button below, I will send you the link manually.

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