Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction Survey

The kinesiology world is undertaking research to evidence the effectiveness of the therapy. I conducted my own client satisfaction survey between July 15th and November 15th 2005, which is a long time ago but I still feel it is worth mentioning. It includes every new client that I started seeing during this period and saw at least twice. This is a short timescale, but the 36 qualifying case studies are enough to produce statistically significant results.

Each client assessed their progress at the beginning of each session, so the results of the first treatment were established at the start of the second. I used an assessment scale of 0-10, where 0 is as good as it could be over the last week and 10 as bad as it could be, so a diminishing graph is good! Here is a brief summary of the results:

The survey period was very short, with on average only 9 weeks between start and finish of the monitoring. The clients had suffered chronic symptoms for an average period of 7 years.


The headline results are:

  • The average overall health rating improved by over 1.5 points from its starting position, that is a 33% improvement towards good health.
  • The average symptom reduction was nearly 2.5 points, again a 33% improvement from its starting position towards being symptom free.
  • No-one recorded worsening levels during the survey.
  • 88% of participants, that is close to 9 out of 10, recorded improvement in their measured symptoms during the survey period (some of the remaining 12% improved afterwards).
  • No supplements of any type were used or recommended for any clients. The improvements arose solely from the kinesiology protocols


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