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As part of a gradual transition in my own life, I am reducing the number of therapy hours I offer each week. From 1st February 2022 I will only be offering 10 treatments per week and all treatments will be remote sessions via Skype / Zoom or WhatsApp.

Helping those who need it is still very important to me, but with new options now available I want a personal ‘1 to 1’ session to be seen as only one level of the support I offer, not an automatic first step. This is how the options now look:

Pyramid of supportLayer 1 – ‘Heal your Past – Free your Future’

Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

This is my recommended first level of support. The new hardback book includes all the key learnings I have made as a therapist over 15000 treatments and offers layers of information alongside 12 healing keys. I see it as a core starting point for any symptom or healing goal and I would encourage you to use the book as a first step, only going further up the pyramid if you feel more help is needed.

Here is the link for more information and to buy: ‘Heal your Past – Free Your Future’

Layer 2 – Quantum K 1, 2 and 3

These healing experiences are largely free to use and there are options of further support through downloadable healing music, a narrated version of the main experience and electromagnetic stress protectors.

Please follow this link to learn more: Quantum K

Layer 3 – Group healing

This is the first layer that connects more personally with me. Every Wednesday I hold space for group healing sessions where users around the world connect with the essence of the quantum K vibration in quiet meditation. It is a powerful way to receive healing and connect with our wider community.

For more information, please follow this link:   Group healing

Layer 4 – personal healing session with me

If further support is still needed, then I will be available for personal sessions via a remote zoom/ Skype / WhatsApp link. To make an appointment, please follow this link to my online booking page: Online appointment bookings

Thank you for being part of this transition. I hope you benefit from all that I still offer and that your healing journey is sweet and heroic.

With love



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