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I created this website to bring together the different strands I am working on. Please do browse through the various sections and see what is there for you, whether you have a general interest in this kind of work or are a client looking for information to support our kinesiology session together in my Bristol clinic.

I have included some general information on the Quantum K experience I created in 2008 that will hopefully whet your appetite to go to that specific website where the free experiences can be accessed. I have also included a separate section on electromagnetic stress, EMF, which I believe is a major issue in relation to the well-being of us all. Whether you are a client of mine or not, I strongly recommend you consider purchasing some resonators from this website to give you, and your loved ones, the basic grounding and protection they need.

Remote sessions – March 2020 update

I have been offering remote sessions by WhatsApp or Skype for several years now, mainly for clients who live too far away to travel in to see me.  With the recent coronavirus pandemic, I am doing more sessions this way and you may well be reading this because I have switched solely to this basis of treatment.

If so, let me explain how remote sessions work. In short, they are fundamentally the same. We will talk about your objectives for the session, and I will dowse into the physical, emotional and spiritual connections to that goal. The main difference is that I will be muscle testing myself in surrogacy for you, rather than you directly.

If healing work is needed, I use 7 stones from my mesa (the collection of healing stones I created going round the medicine wheel) with each stone connected to one of your core 7 chakras. I can connect with your energy through these stones and clear what needs to be cleared. I can also journey shamanically if that is needed.

So please rest assured that these sessions are just as effective as meeting face to face.

To make the connection through mobile phone or laptop, you will need to make contact with my Skype address – andrewjameskemp, or email me your mobile number on

In terms of payment, I use an electronic system i-zettle which allows me to send a payment link direct to your phone or email address. You can then pay by debit or credit card.

New book release

I am due to publish my second book in 2020. This follows on from the Quantum K manual that I first published in 2006, bringing together all that I have learned since practicing kinesiology and shamanism in Bristol. The working title is: “Finding your soul song: A 12 step healing journey”. If you wish to receive an email when this is ready, along with occasional newsletters, please do add your name using the link below:

With many blessings to you,

Andrew Kempleton

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