Treatments & Benefits

The treatment itself

A kinesiology session is relaxing and enjoyable, lasting 45 minutes. After an initial consultation, you will lie fully clothed on a couch. I will then measure changes in the response to gentle pressure on your arm while using scan lists of possible issues or putting a small test vial containing the suspected food, toxin or hormone on your body.

The initial session is often an opportunity to look at the energetic health of the major organs and establishing whether any toxins, stresses, or structural imbalances are affecting their performance. These underlying causes can then be linked back to any presenting symptoms and a range of actions agreed as the first steps towards better health.

Depending on your requirements, I may also look into emotional stresses, core beliefs and spiritual healing. Imbalances in these areas can trigger issues at the physical level so it is important to look at health from all of these different angles, the physical, the emotional and the spiritual.

Any subsequent sessions will normally be at 4 to 5 week intervals, but can be sooner. I will check progress against the original findings and trigger whatever level of detoxing is required. There will be a strong emphasis on energy balancing techniques to help ensure good emotional, spiritual and physical health. It is a highly individual treatment plan. Some clients need only the first session to achieve their goals while others, who wish to delve deeply into their health at all levels, may require more regular treatments.

Who could benefit from kinesiology?

Like most complementary healthcare modalities, we do not have the resources to conduct extensive medical trials. We cannot therefore make any claims that we can help or treat specific medical conditions or symptoms. Our goal is to work holistically and engage the body’s natural healing abilities. When underlying imbalances are found and corrected, good health can return.


This type of session is similar in design to a face-to-face session, the main difference being that I dowse at my end rather than muscle test your arm. I find the results equally accurate and effective and the energy connection is very pure because I only connect with the part of you that needs to be met in that moment.

I use 7 healing stones to represent the energy of each of your main chakras and I bring healing energy to you via these stones and their temporary connection to your energy field.

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