The role of a shaman in the modern world – No3 – personal healing

But first…. “Heal Your Past, Free Your Future” I am truly overwhelmed by the support you have given to my book. The production costs are all but covered now which means that I will very shortly be able to give a huge £4.25 donation to indigenous charities for every copy you buy. If you want … Read more

The role of the shaman in a modern world – no2 – ‘holding vision’

In this newsletter, I want to look briefly at the concept of holding vision. This is an aspect of shamanic practice that is available to us all but needs to be considered alongside other aspects of shamanism and activism generally. Visioning is an important response to current world dynamics but not the only one. My … Read more

The role of shamanism in a modern world

‘Heal your Past, Free your future’ – book launch I have been overwhelmed by your support and already received some positive feedback: “I have found the harmonics for the 12 Keys so powerful. I am also using them in my work with others to really good effect”. “You have articulated it so beautifully, thank you” … Read more

‘Heal Your Past, Free your Future’ now available

‘Heal Your Past, Free your Future’ offers a unique perspective within the genre of spiritual and emotional healing. Moving in places, challenging in others, it asks us all to look afresh at the perceived norms and dogmas that can distract us from our true path.    BUY – Heal your past, Free your Future It … Read more

A shamans meeting with Covid-19

Welcome to my occasional newsletter. I will share some exciting news about my new book next month, once all the holiday festivities have passed. For this edition, I want to share my personal experience of being infected recently with Covid-19. I do feel that, amongst all the formal narratives around the virus, there is a … Read more

‘All the World’ a Stage’ – Part III

‘Heal your Past, Free your Future’ – book progress I’m very excited that my new book is through the editing stage and should be ready in a few weeks, in time for Christmas. I hope it will have something of interest for anyone on a spiritual or healing journey. I will let you know when … Read more

All the World’s a Stage – Part II

Book release There is some great editing happening now, my plan is to have the book printed in time for Christmas with a special offer to encourage you to buy one for yourself and one for a loved one. All will be revealed soon. Global dynamics In my last newsletter I dialogued with my shaman … Read more

‘All the world’s a stage’

Welcome to my June newsletter. Group healing I have received some wonderful feedback from users who have taken part and I plan to upload a few testimonials shortly. Please do consider joining us if you haven’t already done so, simply use the link above and find the group healing tab. A view from spirit… The … Read more

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