What is my soul’s purpose?

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This month’s theme – What is my soul purpose, why am I here?

I hear this question so many times. I feel it’s worth an exploration.

The main issue for me is not the answer to the question ‘why are we here?’ but an understanding of the part of us that needs to ask it. When we feel into our lives from the perspective of the soul, I believe what is asked of us is the expression of our true essence, living in love and harmony and exploring how this responds to the specific challenges of our lives.

We may have themes that we are here to experience, but they are all nuances that help add context to our journey.

The complexities arise when our minds and egos step in. As wonderful and essential as they are, they look to explore the differences between ourselves and other people, and how we might be ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than those around us.

Our minds can also look to solidify the soul’s journey into something tangible and measurable, with clear definitions of success and failure. This can obscure the simplicity of our soul’s desires.

Our minds also carry the wounds of our limiting belief systems, our family programmes and societal narratives.  If we have low self-esteem, we might look for some holy quest to validate our existence. We might set ourselves – and even achieve – a challenging goal, but it is unlikely to be enough to satisfy our underlying insecurities. External outcomes rarely do.

A guideline I follow is that if you need the validation of an achievement to prove your value, you are saying to Spirit that you are not already that person, that this value sits outside of you. This energy of ‘lack’ will then underpin your experiences. Even if you achieve your goals, success will not soothe the core insecurity that lies beneath.

When you uncover the truth of who you really are, free of all the false narratives that have informed your wounded mind, then you will no longer need to prove yourself. You will enjoy being in that natural heart space and will be more able to hold that power in all situations that seek you out, challenging though they may be.

In writing like this, I acknowledge the risk of getting caught in ‘spiritual bypassing‘ – which is based upon the toxic positivity that everything is ‘just as it needs to be’, that love and a positive vision is all we need for the world to heal.

Author Andrew Harvey talks about sacred activism and ‘wise radical action in the world’. This is the challenge to all of us in a world that is full of hurt.

Yes, it helps to unlearn any untruths we have internalised and find a place of soulful love within, but that does not necessarily lead to a life of comfort and convenience. It may even create the opposite because the world is not aligned to love at the moment, so the more love you find inside the less you will collude with the cruelty of the world outside.

We should be outraged at what our species is doing to the world and each other; we should be brought to tears by the lack of compassion we see around us, and then take considered and informed action from the fire that is lit within us.

What changes are you prepared to make to express your love? Will you break rules where necessary? Will you accept inconvenience to follow what you believe in? Will you stand up for your core values and the rights of others? Can you do this while still loving yourself and honouring your own needs?

This question of the how loving spirituality should express itself is such a big one I will share more perspectives on this next time.

With love


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