Spiritual Healing

The kinesiology muscle test allows me to communicate with the internal wisdom of the body, looking for imbalances and ways to put them right. There is some speculation about exactly what lies on the other end of the muscle test, but my belief is that the knowledge I tune into comes from the Higher Self, the spiritual essence that sits above the physical and mental bodies.

By tuning into this high source of intelligence, I can identify and energetically release blockages at this level. This approach allows me to offer healing that can then filter down to our emotional self and our physical body, honouring my belief that the soul level is the foundation stone upon which our human experience is built, that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

I have trained in the shamanic tradition of the Inca, so bring the essence of the medicine wheel into my practice. This recognises the inter-relationship between the 4 directions – the physical world of serpent in the South, the sensory world of Jaguar in the West, the spiritual world of Hummingbird in the North and the infinite energy of great Eagle in the East. These traditions imbue my work and help me support you to become the person you came here to be.

The kind of spiritual healing issues I look at are:

  • soul loss
  • soul shock
  • spirit attachments
  • past life influences
  • old contracts, vows and curses
  • negative ancestral influences coming down the bloodline
  • energetic imbalances resulting from the above

This is the type of work that gives me most joy. I connect deepest with those clients who are prepared to courageously explore who they truly are and the energetic blocks that inhibit their highest expression.

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