Upper World Journey

This is the second of two shamanic journeys I have made available on this website. My thanks again to Chris Waters and the Spirit of the Inca training team for helping me immerse so deeply in the wisdom of this tradition.

This shamanic journey takes you to the Upper World, the place of spirit, our guides and our celestial parents, who we will meet today and seek their guidance.

I have recorded an audio for this journey, so please use this if you prefer:

“See yourself in a field. Feel the grass under your feet. A soft warm wind gently brushes your face and the sun warms your back. Look around, and enjoy the sight of wild flowers and grasses as they dance around you.

You notice a big old tree ahead of you. You start to walk towards it, step by step, and as you get closer you notice there is an entrance to the hollow inside the tree. It is big enough for you to easily step into.

As you do so, you feel the space around you and smell the woody scent. You are going to go up to meet your celestial parents, but to do so, you must leave the physical realm behind, so you allow your body sense and everything that you don’t need for this journey to dissipate for a while. See yourself as a golden speck of light.

Now allow yourself, as this light, to travel up the inside of the great tree, up and up and up, feeling yourself rising higher and higher. You see a way out onto a branch, which you follow until you are standing firmly upon it. Here you call on Pachacutti, keeper of the Upper World, to send down a gold and silver ladder. See the ladder appearing through the clouds and landing softly on the branch, beckoning you to climb it.

As you take your essence upwards, rung by rung, you see ahead a beautiful cloud that holds you safely as you float onto it. In this place of Spirit, everything is in its fully healed state. Pachacutti welcomes you. You explain that you have come to meet with your celestial parents and explore this domain. Ask now if this is possible at this time. If you sense a ‘yes’, then start to look around. What does this world look like to you? What do you see? What do you sense?

You now notice two specks of light moving towards you. They come closer, one gold and one silver. As their form becomes clear, you see that they are your celestial parents, the guides who know you so deeply, who see everything you have done and everything you can become… and they love you completely, unconditionally.

Feel them come either side of you and embrace you in their love. Allow that love to nourish you, to permeate every aspect of your essence…

Ask them now if they have a message for you. Listen to what they have come to tell you…

Have they got a gift for you? Look into their outstretched hands and receive whatever sits there …

It is now time to return to the middle world. Thank your celestial parents and Pacacutti for their love, their wisdom and any gifts you have received. Say goodbye for now as you return to the ladder and take your essence back down to the branch of the tree. Stepping off onto the branch you see the ladder disappear above you and you journey back down the trunk of the great old tree, down and down until you reach the ground again.

Now gather yourself up, your physical body and all the parts of you that you did not take on this journey. Step out of the tree and into the meadow again. Feel the grass under your feet and the wind and warm sun on your back. Take a few steps and then start to feel yourself come fully back into the room. Feel your feet, wiggle your fingers. You are back. You are back.”

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