Holding the vision

Coming soon – ‘Heal your past, free your future’

Just to whet your appetite, here is a teaser from my new book, due out soon, ‘Heal your past, Free Your Future’. Chapter 2 is all about the 5 elements of the healing process – 5 dynamics that I believe must be explored if an issue or symptom is to be fully resolved. The first one is: “setting a clear and specific intention”, but can you guess the other 4? All will be revealed in due course.

Group healing

I am re-launching the existing offering with a new weekly service called group healing. Every Wednesday at 8pm I will be hosting a remote healing session using the principles of the Quantum K system to provide the healing impetus. I will hold space for anyone who registers, using any personal goals and intentions emailed through to me. For further details, please see the Group Healing tab on the Quantum K website.


Staying authentic

I’m feeling in my client sessions that the pressure of relentless heavy news is starting to wear people down. Confidence in the vision of positive global change is being eroded by a continual stream of media releases around new restrictions to our freedom, new attacks on our right to self-determine and more centralisation of power and wealth. As legislation limiting our rights to protest progresses in both the US and Britain, the light at the end of the tunnel might seem to be dimming; but is it?

As usual, I want to give a perspective from Spirit, from a place that sees the energy patterns of these huge global events. When I journeyed to the Underworld to meet the light being Huascar, I was given some information that I will express loosely in a dialogue, with the response from Spirit shown in italics.

(Me) “So it looks to me like the old power systems have fundamentally revealed their intentions now – it appears that they are looking for more centralised power, restricted media coverage, medicalised health rather than naturopathic well-being and limits on freedom of movement and choice. Is that a fair summary?”

“Yes,there is no need to look for conspiracies, it’s all out in the open. If this was a game of poker, then they have shown their cards.”

“OK, if you want to use a card analogy, is it a strong hand?”

“In symbolic terms, it is the equivalent of three jacks, so there is some strength there, represented by the alignment of the shadow masculine, the low ranking male cards.

“What does the hand of us, the people, look like?”

“It is the ace, two, three, four and five of hearts – so significantly more powerful, the hearts representing the underpin of love and the sequential run of cards showing the power of alignment. These are not high cards individually but together they are strong.”

“So, is that it then, the power of individuals, working together in love, will win the day?”

“It’s not guaranteed. In a card game, it is always possible to fold, to have the stronger hand and choose not to play it. This is what is happening to some extent now. Some individuals, which is where the true power lies, are choosing to give away that power through compliance and inaction. To play this winning hand, people must be authentic to their values and refuse to bow to central or community pressures. It doesn’t mean breaking the law, authentic action and living is entirely possible within the framework of what is currently legal.”

“So, we could have the best hand and still lose?”

“It is possible but highly unlikely. The power of peaceful, loving, authentic living is so much more powerful than that or force, greed and control that only a small proportion of the people have to be in their power to change the collective experience”.

“What proportion is enough?”

“About 20%”

“Is that all? Just 20% of people to stay in their authentic power and that will be enough to change the collective experience of us all?”

“Yes, you each have a powerful hand to play, you just need to play it! The more people who stay centred in love and community, the easier and quicker will be the change, but only a small minority have to be in this state to ensure overall success. You don’t even have to live in that level of loving power all the time, just be in it more than you are not.”

“And, finally, can you tell me what that percentage looks like right now across the world?”

“It is not a time for complacency, but humanity is currently at just over twice that minimum level required. Each of you must ask yourself whether you are in the 20% or not. If not, consider doing more to live in your loving truth, however that might manifest for each of you as unique individuals.”

Support for this path of love

In a separate journey, I was offered 4 means to help us stay strong and in our loving power. Feel free to call on these, you only need to set the intention to engage with these energetic gifts and they will be yours:

  1. Stay grounded. Imagine a strong silver cord going into the heart of Gaia, feel her hold you steady in these difficult times, taking your fears from you through this cord and passing back up her unconditional love and support.
  2. See yourself surrounded by reflective mirrors, designed to support you in the presence of external judgement and opinion. If you receive criticism, let the mirrors bounce that energy down into the earth for composting.
  3. Allow this harmonic to empower you: 226 117 483 888
  4. At a practical level, this is a good time to increase your intake of raw food. This will help you stay even more deeply connected to the Earth and to receive her bounty undamaged by cooking or processing.

With love and blessings



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