The time is now

You may remember the concept of the ‘in breath’ and the ‘out breath’ from my May newsletter – where I suggested that both action and space holding were essential as the coronavirus pandemic continued though our world. My sense then was that front line workers were the out breath for our societies in that initial … Read more

Where we go from here

The ‘in breath’ and the ‘out breath’ I want to briefly share my latest sense around the collective experience we are having. I have chosen this title because it feels to me as if those in service at the moment are doing so in two very different ways. There are two distinct categories but we … Read more

Beyond the mainstream

Finding meaning I want to share a perspective with you about the current global dynamic, my view as a shamanic practitioner. There has been much written about the Coronavirus from a physical perspective, and in my previous newsletter on the Quantum K website I outlined actions and supplements that could help from a naturopathic viewpoint. … Read more

Supporting ourselves through coronavirus

I have been looking into possible support to help us maintain a strong immune system generally and also to deal quickly and effectively with the coronavirus if we contract it. The need for personal hygiene and appropriate isolation is well documented, this is about other possibilities that are perhaps less well known. The herbal recommendations … Read more

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