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Andrew Kempleton

Kinesiology found me while I was working in financial services. It is a very logical therapy so fitted in well with my left-brained bias at the time. As I expanded into the therapy, I discovered a world of healthcare beyond the medical paradigm, a world of emotions, soul, and energy. Kinesiology is extremely powerful at addressing imbalances in our physical self, but it is its ability to tune into the unseen with authenticity and accuracy that intrigues me most.

I have been privileged to perform over 15,000 treatments since I first discovered kinesiology in 1998 and despite all I have learnt from this, I remain totally awestruck by the beauty of life and the unique journey we all travel within it.

A major project of mine is the free healing programme Quantum K. This has passed 1 million hits and has several hundred users every week. Thanks to volunteers is now available in 9 different languages. It continues to inspire me to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in healing with passion and focused intent.

The essence of this work was completed in 2008. In the years since I have explored many different new ways of healing, including shamanism, and these developments will be part of my second book which is due for release in 2020. If you wish to receive an email when it is out, please leave your details on the pop-up that appears when you access this site or Quantumk.co.uk.

Outside of my therapy, I am blessed to live in a truly beautiful part of Somerset near Kewstoke, where my wife and I are developing a smallholding / respite centre to see what we can offer in this field. There is so much I learn from nature and the animals that share their lives with us; they are humbling in their simplicity, community and sheer joyful living. If you want to see how this is progressing, check out www.woodspringfarm.co.uk.

For those who know me as Andrew Kemp, I amalgamated my surname with my wife’s in 2018 in preparation for the birth of our first child.

Email: ajkemp297@gmail.com


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