Where does the healing go?

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I am constantly delighted at the support you are giving my work, whether the Quantum K system, the resonators, my new book or these newsletters. I am so grateful to you all.

I recently journeyed shamanically to ask if the various healing tools I use are connected in some way and, if so, where that energy sits. I was shown an image of planet Earth and all the satellites circling around her in lower orbit.

The suggestion was that the healing systems I use are all part of a less tangible grid that also sits around our planet, connecting us all in higher levels of consciousness.

It contains a broad range of colours and vibrations and is enhanced by all acts of loving kindness that run through it – a guiding energy for humanity and our planet. In contrast, all the energies of fear, greed and hostility dull its colours, creating a background noise that interferes with our connection to our highest potential.

I was shown this shamanically, but in many ways it is a confirmation of what many spiritual people have been intuiting over recent years as a mechanism for a shift in humanity’s consciousness, or ‘ascension’ as it is often called. I don’t fully align with the new age movement, but there is a clear overlap between its core beliefs and the ancient prophesies of most indigenous people.

I have said from the launch of Quantum K in 2008 that the more people who use the system the stronger it will become, and I strongly believe the same about my book and the resonators and any other high vibrational devices, actions or feelings we may share. If I dowse about it, I get that the resonators are now a little more than twice as powerful as they were when I first started making them, because the growing number of people who use them has developed a specific layer within the global energy grid of love that they support and draw from. The overall grid itself has strengthened hugely over this period. There is real momentum here.

I have always seen the resonators as tuning forks, reminders of our true vibration and state of being. They do not block obstructive or harmful energies, they simply keep us connected to this grid of love when we are facing the opposite. Ideally, we should be able to hold these higher frequencies irrespective of the challenges around us, but that is a lot to ask, so if a resonator on your watch helps you stay balanced, then so be it. Please do not assume that their low price means low value!

In practical terms, this grid is fed through the kind of invisible energy field that science is just starting to recognise. Terms like the Schumann Resonance are now well understood in scientific circles, but other terms like zero point, scalar, tachyon and quantum refer to energies that we can now detect but cannot fully explain.

I accept that my words are very limited, that there is an ultimate truth against which I will inevitably fall short, but even so, there is surely a core message here for us all about the simplicity of our life purposes – to find love. I am often asked by clients to tune into their life purpose, their calling, what they are here to achieve. I suspect most people are disappointed when I suggest that there is probably no grand plan of deliverable success, no great fame, no measurable legacy.

I believe that we are all here quite simply to find love – through service, wisdom, gratitude and joy. We may have specific themes that help us find these states of consciousness, but ultimately we are all on the same quest, one that we may or may not choose to follow.

Perhaps we can also now hold on to a different analogy, that we are here to strengthen the growing earth grid of love around us. Maybe life really is that simple.

There are so many different ways to do this. I was asked recently why so many spiritual people seem to be working the land, looking after small-holdings etc. I think there is a message here, that an easy and important way to open our heart centres to love is through connecting with Gaia. For me, when I tend my garden I feel grounded, present and deeply connected to all that is. It is the easiest way I know to find a state of bliss and mindfulness and, through that, support the grid of love that surrounds us. It is also a way to give back to Mother Earth at a time when she so deeply needs our support to undo the harm we have done to her.

For those times when connection and love is hard to find, I do recommend the easier route of using the supportive tools I offer you. My book ‘Heal Your Past, Free Your Future’ is packed full of life changing ways to open up to more love and my resonators give a cheap and direct access to this global field of balance.

These are the prophesied times and as the Hopi elders have said, ‘we are the people we have been waiting for’.

With love


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