Heavy Metal toxicity

Modern manufacturing methods have increased our exposure to metal residues in the home and at work. The food chain has also been contaminated by the use of powerful pesticides and fertilisers.

These metals can be damaging to health in a number of ways and can lead to serious medical conditions in later life. Although our bodies try to hide these metals in fatty tissue away from major organs, it is still possible to find traces of them in key areas such as the thyroid, ovaries, kidneys, liver, prostate, intestines and brain.

In our glands, they can block the receptor sites and lead to imbalances in hormone production. In the brain and nervous system, exposure can cause anxiety, irritability, depression and a whole host of other neurological issues.

What are the symptoms?

Any symptom could be related to the effects of heavy metal toxicity and kinesiology testing will normally confirm whether there is a connection. Some of the more common signs and symptoms are:

anxiety depression confusion irritability
seizures ringing in the ears poor co-ordination insomnia
tremors mood swings dizziness nausea
headaches fatigue epilepsy weight imbalance
infertility numbness/tingling poor immune system kidney damage
high blood pressure low blood pressure hair loss fluid retention
skin conditions digestive disorder joint pain metallic taste

How can I remove the metals?

Heavy metals can normally be removed from the body over the course of a few weeks. They are, however, very toxic and the excretory channels must be open and clear before it is safe to do so. You may therefore need to spend a few weeks cleansing your liver, kidneys and lymphatic system first. This can all be achieved without the need to use supplements through a combination of energetic procedures that boost specific internal organs and the immune system in general.

While being treated, it is best to avoid further exposure to the metal involved if possible. That said, the main stores are likely to have accumulated over years of exposure and, once eliminated, few further precautions are normally needed other than to avoid the primary source that first led to the imbalance. If this is not possible, annual detoxification is highly advisable.

Possible sources of heavy metals


Cooking pans, foil, salt, baking powder, cans, antacids, tap water, bleached flour, deodorants, toothpaste, Pertussis vaccine.


Chemicals, cigarettes, pollution, industrial processes, insecticides, paint, wallpaper.


Ceramics, structural material


Enamel and glass.


Cigarette smoke, petrol, shellfish, grains, tap water, coffee/tea/soft drinks, pollution, pesticides, fungicides, paint, fertilisers, batteries, poultry, dairy.


Industrial processing


Dental work, industrial processes, paints, dyes.


Dental work, paints and varnishes


Water pipes, some medicines, pesticides, dental amalgam, the Pill.


Dental work, jewellery, industrial processing


Metal for building, steel.


Petrol fumes, old water pipes, leaded paint, solder, plumbing, cigarettes, inks


Sugar refining, batteries, glass, ceramics


Textile bleaching, glass, fertilisers, pesticides, unleaded petrol.


Dental amalgam, paints, cosmetics, fungicides, Pertussis vaccine, industrial processes, paints, shellfish, sewage.


Cigarette smoke, flour, old jewellery, industrial processes, hydrogenated oils, diesel fumes.


Road dust from catalytic converters, dental work, electronic components.


Road dust from catalytic converters, glassware, dentistry.


Anti-dandruff shampoos. Steel and glass additive.


Dental amalgam, jewellery, photography, electrical components


Jewellery, dyes, industrial processes, recreational drugs.


Dental amalgam, cans, solder, fungicides.


Dental work, surgical joint replacement, jewellery, some cosmetics.


Galvanised iron, solder, paints, rubber, plastics, industrial processes.

There are a few actions that can help reduce exposure to heavy metal toxins:

  1. Use natural cleaners and cosmetics

  1. Eat organic foods

  1. Filter your tap water or drink bottled mineral water

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