Living with Intimacy

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This month’s theme: Are you living intimately?

True intimacy is a natural state of being where we are present, mindful and relaxed. In this state, we are aware of all the sensations at the perimeters of our known self, whether that is our physical body or our energy field. It is not something we need to strive for or force, it is our natural state of being when we are in balance.

When we are living intimately, we sense and appreciate everything around us, the gentle brush of the wind on our faces, the warmth of a hand holding our own, the aroma of that first cup of coffee and the soft feel of those freshly changed bed sheets. Intimacy isn’t just about sex…

As beautiful as this is, it is an incredibly vulnerable state to live in and hard to maintain unless we feel genuinely safe and nourished. A high state of vigilance is not conducive to intimacy; the stimuli being absorbed while on alert is to satisfy the demands of our survivalist instincts, our optimum response to the perceived threats in our environment. This is control not surrender.

When I journeyed shamanically to explore this idea of intimacy, I was shown a small hedgehog (perhaps a porcupine in other countries) snuffling along among the autumn leaves. I was encouraged to lay my hand flat to the ground and wait. Sure enough, the hedgehog moved towards me and walked onto my hand, where I felt the gentle touch of its tiny feet rather than the sharpness of its spines.

There may be many layers of meaning here but, for me, the message was an encouragement to invite in intimacy with gentleness and patience, to extend an open hand towards life through gentle action and intention, and then let those sweet sensual feelings come forward. In those situations where there is no genuine threat, openness and vulnerability allow in the most exquisite of experiences.

In contrast, if we chase after that connection, we could feel the sharpness of those hedgehog spines as it curls up into a self-protecting ball. When we chase after anything, we can come from need, and need is lack. We simply reinforce the current situation and attract more of what we already have, pushing away intimacy in our desperation to find it, triggering more rejection from those who feel the ‘neediness’ in our approach.

So, if intimacy is a natural state, what might keep us out of it? Here are some behaviours and senses that I would suggest are possible barriers:

In terms of practicalities:

  1. Putting needs of others before our own
  2. Always needing a measurable outcome from an activity
  3. Prioritising tasks over presentness
  4. Needing to control the environment
  5. Being over busy.

In terms of feelings:

  1. Sensing fear and danger where there is none.
  2. Insecurities about self, ‘I might be too much for them’ or ‘they won’t respond to my affection’.
  3. Unresolved guilt, shame or self-judgement
  4. Fears of commitment
  5. Putting barriers up to other people and the world
  6. Fear of rejection
  7. Seeing the worst in people

If you have several of these dynamics, be gentle with yourself. It just means that you have experienced difficulties around intimacy, probably during childhood when you were most vulnerable to your environment. Connect with them lovingly, set an intention to surrender gently to more intimacy and thank Spirit for helping you on this path.

With love



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