Cost of Treatment

My standard treatment cost is £40 for a remote session and £43 for a face to face session in the health centre. For those living solely on state benefits, then the standard prices can be discounted by £6.

For new clients, I offer the choice of either having a standard 45 minute session or a 90 minute session. The choice is up to you, depending on the depth of the issues you wish to address. If you just want to explore diet or symptoms at the physical level, 45 minutes should be plenty of time. If you want to dive deep into their emotional, energetic and spiritual causes, then I suggest 90 minutes. If you want a 90 minute session, simply book two consecutive appointments on the online booking system:

Schedule Appointment

If you are a new client, please print off this Questionnaire and complete it in advance, bringing it with you on the day. If you are meeting with me remotely, please email it to me in advance.

There is no set treatment plan; sometimes one session is enough to achieve your goals, sometimes we may need 4 or 5 weekly sessions for 6 months or longer to see significant progress, it all depends on what you bring and how deep you want to go into your healing journey.

I sometimes use supplements from New Vistas Healthcare if there are physical symptoms that need support. These come at an extra cost but I will discuss this with you in advance and you will need to order them direct from the supplier. Here is a link to their website if you want to know more about them:

New Vistas Healthcare

As you may have read in my biography page, I choose to give £2 of every treatment fee to South American projects within the Rainforest Trust. This honours the source of much of the teachings I may share with you in my sessions.

For the sake of transparency, I also want to say that NewVistas pay me an introductory commission for any products you buy from them that are recommended by me. I pass this sum onto the Woodspring Farm sanctuary to support the upkeep of the 50+ animals we look after there. It is enough to pay for about 7 days food every month.

So, thank you if you choose to work with me on your healing journey. I hope you find it highly beneficial for yourself, but also that you can feel the wider support that our time together offers to other communities.


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