All the World’s a Stage – Part II

Book release

There is some great editing happening now, my plan is to have the book printed in time for Christmas with a special offer to encourage you to buy one for yourself and one for a loved one. All will be revealed soon.

Global dynamics

In my last newsletter I dialogued with my shaman guide about the metaphorical ‘variety show’ that represents how the current global powers relate to us all. I explored the first act, the stage magician, and how it represents the need to distract us with ever changing targets for our collective fear, while the real agenda plays out somewhere else.

These times are part of the prophesied ‘pachacuti’ as the Peruvian shaman and the wise elders describe it, the turning of the world so it is the right way up again, where we all return to balance at the dawn of a new age. This isn’t just about redressing the centralisation of power and wealth, it is about the way each of us experiences life and the relationship we have with mother earth, our health and each other. Please explore this link if you want to read more: Joanna Macy

To see this change as just about politics and economics is another way of giving away our power of change to something or someone else. I believe we have to return to holding our power within smaller communities that are built upon harmony and respect.

I have presented this newsletter as a dialogue between myself and my shaman guide, but this is still an opinion piece so please take from it what you will and, as always, maintain your own discernment. If you like what you read, please do share a link and encourage friends and loved ones to sign-up for future newsletters:

(Me): ‘Thank you again for last month’s inspirations. I am intrigued to know what type of performer represents the next act in this global variety show’.

‘I will tell you; it is the stage hypnotist. This is a very skilled performer who knows how to alter your perception of reality, so creating a new sense of what is normal for you’

‘OK, I’m with you, but how is this relevant to us all?’

‘People are traditionally hypnotised through relaxation, but it is also possible to be taken into an altered mental state through fear and trauma, which is the mechanism being exploited today’.

‘Can you give me an example?’

‘If I had said to you two years ago that your right to hug in the UK would be determined by the Government and that you would need a health passport to be allowed into a club to dance, you would never have believed me. And yet here you are.

I’m not in any way minimising the situation, just highlighting that your loss of decision making responsibility as individual citizens has happened in the blink of an eye. What people accept today could be just the tip of the iceberg. It could all seem rational and normal as the hallmarks of freedom of movement, expression and way of life are taken away.

If it does happen, people will likely deny that it has been done to them because they will feel that they requested it and leaders and large corporations simply implemented the public will.’

‘Are all these new rules part of this strategic restricting of our autonomy?’

‘No, many are very sensible, they would not be received in established democracies if they were all autocratic. The issues arise when necessary rules start to be applied in less serious situations and when other restrictions are piggy backed on the legislation or rulings’.

‘Are we all hypnotised?’

‘To some extent, yes, you all have your blind spots where you have learned to tolerate as normal something that should be challenged. That said, a growing percentage of people do see through the hypnotist’s tricks. Only a small proportion need to lead the way and call out what they see. As soon as something is seen and named, it loses its power.

‘What can we do to break out of our trances today?’

‘I recommend you feel into every situation through the heart, asking if what you see is loving, truthful and necessary.

As a way of living, it is the consistent acts of kindness and community that are leading to positive change and acting as an antidote to the fear and judgement encouraged by central sources. People are finding that community and compassion are cornerstones of humanity. You may have fallen into a sleepy haze of hypnotic trance but you are now starting to wake up and see what really matters, that life is not about Government dictates or the latest mobile phone, it’s about honouring each other and this beautiful planet we all share.’

‘The signs are good then?’

‘Yes, they are. This is a prophesied time that has been held for centuries in a collective vision for humanity. That doesn’t mean that higher levels of consciousness will come easily, but the opportunity is there for people led coalitions to bring about fundamental change.’

‘Thank you for your insights. Is that the end of the variety show?’

‘No. there is one final performer I want to discuss next time’

‘OK, I look forward to discovering who that might be’.

With love


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