Are you thriving or surviving?

Electromagnetic Field Protectors

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Book release – ‘Heal Your Past, Free Your Future’

I hold a clear vision of a new, more compassionate, world. To get there, we must individually and collectively release the imbalances of our past so that we can be more loving in our present. This is why I wrote this book.

I want the healing keys in the book to be available as widely as possible, so I’ve decided to share one within each newsletter until you have the full set of 12. I love the idea of us working together on a shared concept from one newsletter to the next!

There will be no background explanation or detailed support on how to use the phrase and the harmonics, but their power should still come through and if you like what you feel, the book is there waiting for you… Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

Key 1 – Energetic protection

I am an aspect of all that is, light and shadow, love and fear. I give back to mother Earth and Spirit all the energies I meet that do not serve me, knowing that I am eternal energy and cannot be harmed.”

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If you wish to engage with its healing potential, please read out the phrase several times each day, including the harmonic, and let your breath, body and emotions respond as they wish. Stop when you no longer feel energy around it, or when the next newsletter arrives.

Today’s main theme – Are you thriving of surviving ?

There are certainly existential threats in the world today, perhaps greater than ever before, but almost certainly wider. Every system of modern life I can think of is under threat – energy stability, food, national safety, economies, climate, personal finances and our health. 

My hope is that there is a Divine plan guiding this transition, that this depth of chaos and struggle is necessary because every aspect of our lifestyle needs to change. We cannot evolve into higher consciousness but continue to live in the old ways. But change is scary, I’m scared too.

As usual. I rely on the inspiration and guidance I receive in my shamanic journeys. When I asked about how we can manage in a world held by so much fear, I was shown two roads we must choose between, each underpinned by matching belief systems. Please feel into these words – do you recognise yourself on either of these paths, perhaps different ones depending on how you are feeling day to day?

The path of fear and survival

  1. The world is hostile and full of existential risk”

  2. People can do me harm”

  3. I must therefore protect myself at all levels”

  4. This requires me to separate myself from the people and events around me”

  5. In doing so I must close down my heart so that I cannot be hurt”

  6. I must also numb myself, taking my presence away from my moment to moment experiences”

  7. I will do what I am told by authority because they know what is best for me”

  8. I can return to my true life path when the danger has passed”

Can you see how damaging this path is? It is designed to neutralise the risk of pain and suffering but in doing so takes away the very essence of our humanity. It builds walls rather than communities, division rather than agreement and fear rather than love. This is a place of weakness, victim thinking, blame and fatalism. It does not reflect the magnificence of who we really are.

There are also consequences at the physical level. The background stress this approach creates impacts on our immune system, our endorphins, our sleep and even the way our bodies communicate internally. Whatever walls we build on the outside will also reflected on the inside – if we have fear driving our external experience we will also have fear driving our internal systems, right down to the health of the cell and our DNA.

The path of trust and thriving

  1. I am resilient and stronger than the dangers around me. I can transcend any challenge”

  2. I trust that the people around me are fundamentally driven to help not harm”

  3. I can therefore stay open and loving, knowing we are stronger together”

  4. I will stay grounded and present in my experience”

  5. The events around me may be beyond my control but I can choose how I meet them and whether I add love or fear to all I experience”

  6. I can grow from this and understand myself better”

  7. I will hold a vision for the best possible outcome for our species”

  8. I know I am always doing the best I can”

Apart from being more enjoyable, if we can hold this space we will also retain our power, our discernment and our physical and mental well-being.

Which road do you choose?

Finally, it’s worth remembering that contagion comes in many forms, not just disease and viruses. The most contagious energy of all is the energy of love. Let us call in an unstoppable pandemic of love that washes across the planet and beyond. Let’s walk that path of certainty into our glorious future together as one community of souls, in our shared Garden of Eden.

With love


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