Where we go from here

The ‘in breath’ and the ‘out breath’

I want to briefly share my latest sense around the collective experience we are having.

I have chosen this title because it feels to me as if those in service at the moment are doing so in two very different ways. There are two distinct categories but we are free to belong to both.

The out breath – these are the people, or the parts of us, in clear and present physical service; on the front line of the medical system, delivering prescriptions and food parcels, looking after vulnerable neighbours etc. The motivation may come from a sense of community and connection or from any number of internal drivers, and it is helping to meet the tangible needs of our time. This place may also hold fear and the desire to solve the pandemic problem at this physical level, to see it as an adversary, an ‘invisible mugger’ as described by the UK Prime Minister.

The in breath –   I am also very aware of another part of us, the part that is looking for meaning and potential out of this time, that is holding a vision for the healed Earth and what humanity could look like once this first, more tangible, phase of the pandemic has passed. How has the planet responded to the lack of pollution? Can we maintain this greater sense of community? How can we consume less? Can we bring more peace and reflective time into our lives? How do we better support the most vulnerable? How can turning the world the upside down make it the right way up? This part of us is currently holding space in the quietness of our physical isolation, anchoring the experience for those who are lost to fear or the negative interpretations of the media. This part of us are deeply feeling into our wounds, cleaning up our personal rivers, ready for the time when we will be called into action. 

In due course, I can see the roles swopping, the part of us occupying the first response position will find that role is less of a priority and the part sitting quietly in the wings will step forward into action. The ‘out breathers’ will rest and the ‘in breathers’ will step up. There may be restrictive legislation to repeal, minority and vulnerable groups needing support and a need for a public debate on what a healed society should look like. It will be the time of the dreamers, the vision holders. There is value in all loving responses to this moment in history, but the lasting benefits will come from those who demand a fairer society, a better relationship with our neighbourhood and our planet. Will you be part of this? What are you prepared to do to ensure we do not slip silently and blindly back into our negative old habits? What are you prepared to risk in order to help create the world of your dreams?

Finally, a friend of mine, Richard Vinson, is celebrating a landmark birthday today – 70 years on Planet Earth. Richard is a gifted musican and has shared his own composition on Youtube today – ‘Is there anybody out there?’ It is a beautiful creation, with a heart warming melody and true poetry in the lyrics. Please do follow the link and enjoy this celebratory creation, it really feels like part of the new energy coming….

Is there anybody out there?

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