Bands of Power

Within the healing practices of the Inca, there are ceremonial rites that help connect an individual to the lineage and traditions of their culture. These rites had been passed down uninterrupted for millennia, but when the Spanish conquistadors invaded Peru in the 16th Century, the shaman decided to protect the purity of their culture and took their knowledge high into the mountains. They decided to come down in the late 20th century, believing that the parlous state of the Earth required new direction and the sharing of their wisdom with Western cultures.

The bands of power are given in a ceremony that connects the recipient to the key components of Mother Earth, providing greater resource, protection and balance. They help filter and return to the Earth lower vibrations that might come into your field from outside people and environments.

The bands start in the Earth under our feet and extend up to the spiritual planes above us. They move with us and vibrate with greater vitality the more we give them our conscious attention, love and focus. If you feel into them every day, visualise their quality, breathe into them, they will return your attention many times over. Ideally, hold your hands out around your body as you connect with each band in turn from the ground up; feel the energy expand as you nourish them with your conscious attention and then draw them back closer around your body, to the level that feels right for the day ahead.

Here are the five bands:

Black band – this runs from the Earth beneath your feet to just below your belly button. Imagine yourself buried in mother earth up to your waist, resourced by the feel of that dark soil honouring this black band around you. The seeds you sow in life, of your intentions, of your projects, of your highest becoming, are fertilised and nourished by this band.

Red band – this sits gently on top of the black band and goes up to just under your heart. It represents the waters of the world and the waters that rest within you – your blood, lymph, saliva etc. Feel the energy of the rain clouds, the lakes, the oceans of the world nourishing this red band, watering the seeds that you sow, the seeds of you.

Gold band – this sits snugly on the red band, around your heart, representing your connection to the sun, the golden light of the sun that shines on the seeds you sow in life, nurturing them and helping them grow healthily in the warmth and protection of this band.

Silver band – sitting around your throat area, this band represents the winds of the earth that cast your seeds to new places, along with grandmother moon, who creates the biological rhythms that nurture your seeds and watches gently over them during the night time when the sun is sleeping.

White band – wrapping around your forehead, continuing the uninterrupted protection of these bands to their 5th and final layer. This band represents your connection to the mountains and beyond, to the heavens and Great Spirit. When you connect with this band you may feel yourself flying on the wings of Eagle to the timeless space of infinity, connecting to the pure inspiration, joy, peace and love of the place of your becoming.

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