Quantum K

Quantum K videoThe following information has been taken from the website of the ground-breaking system ‘Quantum K’ that I designed and launched in 2008. It offers free healing experiences to anyone who can access a computer. If you read this extract and want to try the experiences, please go to www.quantumk.co.uk.


‘Quantum K1’

It is well established that the body can absorb information from sensory stimulation – you only need to look at the success of hypnotherapy to see how effective it can be. This system extends this principle by stimulating our healing potential through the written word, numbers, fractal equations, sound, colour, and symbols. By giving direct instructions to our body’s intelligence, we stimulate its natural healing powers.

Throughout the experience, you will be asked to make a constructive change, for example “I release all toxins in my body”. While you are consciously focusing on this intent, your unconscious will be busy absorbing the colours, harmonics, symbols and equations that appear underneath and provide the mechanisms to help this instruction take effect.

This process is similar to computer software. We are used to taking actions by simple key-strokes, but underneath there is complex coding detailing the specific processes involved.

The primary ‘code’ used here is based on numbers and fractal geometry. The 12 number sequences communicate directly with our DNA, stimulating these basic building blocks of life to let go of negative programs and rebuild in line with a more positive set of instructions.

The fractal equations provide the blueprint for our DNA to follow. Fractals define the structure of all living things – cells, plants, mountains and planets. They are particularly applicable to the structure and proportions of the human body.

This combination of intent, harmonics and fractal equations provides both the instructions to make positive change and the means to do so.

The ‘Quantum K1’ experience is a 23 minute program available for free. You simply need to find a quiet time when you can sit down in front of your PC and enjoy the process, reasonably uninterrupted by the outside world.

There are several healing categories – physical, emotional, general and spiritual. If you know that your core issues lie within one of these issues, by all means go straight to it, but do so with care. Sometimes issues have many layers and by using a selection of slides you may miss some important healing potential. You will also miss most of the benefits of the healing music.

Quantum K2

The original Quantum K system helps clear our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of all the negative programming and toxicity we have been exposed to during our lives. It is about encouraging our mind, body and soul to return to its original blueprint. Although it is controversial in places, I intentionally avoided any religious involvement so the system could attract those of faith, or no faith.

I do believe, however, that we are all spiritual beings on a journey to grow and develop a deepening relationship with the Divine. If you feel the same way too, then this second offering may well interest you. I have used the term God throughout for simplicity, but these principles should support followers of many different religions, or no religion.

As this new experience is about Divine healing, there is no need to call on the support of harmonics and fractal geometry that are in the first version. If you reach out and connect to the source of everything, there are no upgrades needed.

The following are big statements that could be debated for years, but if you are at least open to them as possible truths, you should be able to engage fully with the process:

1. There is a God who loves us unconditionally

2. God created the Universe under the laws of free will

3. God can guide and support us but will not directly override the consequences of our free will

4. An important life purpose is to deepen our soul connection to God

5. Repressed emotional wounds can block this connection

6. We tend to get trapped in superficial emotions rather than feel our deepest wounds

7. These wounds, while buried, keep us stuck in our repetitive dramas and physical illnesses

8. God will show us what we need to feel, if we ask with humility and desire

9. If we genuinely feel and embrace our deepest emotions, we release them

10. When we release them, we move closer to God

This system is fundamentally different from the first in that it focuses on our connection to God, in both the male (Father) and the female (Mother) aspects. It also recognises that our deepest wounds need to be felt and embraced to be released. It is easy to think that we are in touch with our emotions because we are emotional people, but in truth we rarely feel them at their core. Anger, fear, anxiety and depression are all examples of circling emotions that sit above our primary wounds. If we are to truly heal, we need to find the emotions underneath. These are often grief or shame related.

Quantum K3

Quantum K 3 is an album of music inspired by the writing of Rumi the 13th century Persian poet. The intention of this recording is that, through listening to the music, we are carried out beyond our ideas of judgments and opinions, to a new field of potential. This field, of course, lies within us and is a place beyond language where we are connected to everything in the cosmos.

The album comprises of four tracks with harmonic sequences embedded within each.

Track 1 … Gratitude 263 214 748 111

Track 2 … Peace 526 102 258 744

Track 3 … Joy 206 345 417 899

Track 4 … Connection 526 936 457 100

The album is a journey through the harmonic sequences of Gratitude, Peace and Joy and on to Connection. The music explores the relationship between these qualities of the field and the light and darkness of our human experience as we travel towards it. In experiencing the true reality of each quality we must transcend our own ideas of right doing and wrong doing connected to each of them. The harmonic sequences embedded in the music help us in experiencing the sensations and feelings within us that perhaps still remain in duality and which these ideas embody. Then, on repeated listening to this recording, we are lead to the field within us which is beyond light and dark.

This album has been specifically produced to be experienced as a whole piece of work. The sequences and harmonics within it are interconnected. Each time you listen you will need to set aside 40 minutes to experience its entirety. It is also suggested that you do not do anything else when listening to the album. Close your eyes and bring your attention inside. Allow the music to play through you. Find a comfortable position and a place where you will not be interrupted. Have the music loud enough for your ears and body to experience it comfortably without effort.

Allow whatever feelings, images or sensations you experience to play out within your body and through your mind’s eye. Try to accept whatever arises inside you whether it is pleasurable or even uncomfortable. If you at any point do feel uncomfortable realise that this is a reflection of what lies within you. It is working. You will transcend these feelings if you are able to accept them as your own. In our busy lives it is sometimes difficult to find time, or even to slow down for long enough, to experience something of this nature, however this is what we need to do in order to experience the nourishment it provides.

It is worth saying that this is the only one of the 3 experiences that comes at a cost, Quantum K1 and 2 are both free to use.

How might I react to these healing programmes?

You may notice nothing obvious, which means that the healing has been subtle. You might also feel emotionally or physically affected for a short while as old issues are hooked and then released. Mild headaches, tearfulness, skin rashes, bowel changes or fatigue are all possible reactions, even a return of the ache of old injuries. This is all totally fine and will not happen unless you are able to deal with them easily.

You should go with this process and allow your body to heal uninterrupted. If you have a busy day ahead, it might be wise to defer the experience until you are in a quieter space, especially the first time you use it. Once you know how you react, you can be more flexible.

Healing reactions can be necessary an a means to your long-term health and happiness. The system will always work in your highest interests, helping you release blockages in the perfect order at the perfect time. Healing reactions are only necessary when there are particularly difficult issues to resolve

How often should I use them?

You cannot overdose on energy healing as it will only work on areas that need attention at that time. You can therefore use it as often as you wish.

In practical terms, the system’s main benefits will probably manifest in the first few weeks, so you may wish to use it regularly at first and then at maintenance levels thereafter, perhaps monthly or quarterly, or during a particularly stressful period. It is entirely up to you, but trust your intuition to ‘nudge’ you when the time is right.

Above all else, please enjoy the experience but recognise that it is only designed to help you re-instate your own amazing powers of healing. Do not use it to replace what is there inside you all along.

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