Supporting ourselves through coronavirus

I have been looking into possible support to help us maintain a strong immune system generally and also to deal quickly and effectively with the coronavirus if we contract it. The need for personal hygiene and appropriate isolation is well documented, this is about other possibilities that are perhaps less well known. The herbal recommendations come from a renowned physician Dr Klinghardt and this link from his website may be of interest:

Klinghardt research

I have also spoken to the team at NewVistasHealthcare about appropriate use of homeopathy at this time. Putting this all together, I have come up with a protocol that may be of interest to you.

If you want a ‘top pick’ recommendation from each category I have dowsed with this in mind and put the most suitable product in italics. If you want to order anything from New Vistas, please call Kate on UK 01244 560 345.

Nutritional and herbal support -:

Take Vitamin C at 2 grammes per day. (I use Lamberts powder for a good quality product at a reasonable price).

Use herbs including – licorice, calendula, skullcap, rosemary, artemisia, dandelion and andrographis. following either the manufacturer’s or Dr Llinghardt’s recommended dosage.

If you can find colloidal silver in stock anywhere, this is an anti-microbial/viral gargle, that you can safely swallow. In its absence, a sea salt gargle (not to be swallowed!) can also protect the throat area and potentially keep pathogens away from your lungs.

Homeopathic support-:

– New Vistas have several anti-virals and immune boosters, which I would group as follows:

Immune boosters – Immune System Liq, Vitamin C Liq, Thymus Liq, Whole Health Immune Complex, IMS

Anti-virals – They are making a special remedy ‘Hyoscyamus 24x, 48x’ which they feel is particularly appropriate for this virus. This could be combined with anti-virals – VIR, VIR Forte and Flu liquescence.

System supporters – Lung Liq, Respiratory Liq

Emotional support – AST (anti-stress) or REL (relax).

For more information on New Vistas, please follow this link:  New Vistas

Turn off the wi-fi –

Dr Klinghardt suggests that the coronavirus has a higher mortality rate in hospitals where there is 5G. As a precaution, we should minimise our exposure to EMF by keeping our wi-fi off whenever it is not in use and keeping our mobile phones at a good distance.

Energetic support

For those who have come across the healing principles of the Quantum K system, I have dowsed a harmonic that I believe represents the healed state of the coronavirus, so a vibration that can deplete the virus. Feel free to meditate with it, write it on a card and keep it nearby, or join in with us on our bi-monthly Quantum K meditations, where this will be a cornerstone of the connection we make. Basically, anything that allows you to access the energy. This concept is explained on the Quantum K website if you want to know more. The harmonic is:

222 467 198 522

I want to share that I have journeyed shamanically for guidance around this pandemic and was shown a tiny bird with a broken wing, held in loving hands. Feel free to find your own interpretation but, for me, this suggests that humanity is the bird, the broken wing is the virus and the loving hands holding us are the healing hands of Spirit. I see it as an invitation to stay in love around this dynamic rather than fear, so that at another level those loving hands may also be our own, as we nurture the wounded bird that is our loved ones and our community.

With love


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