Mythical Map

If you are reading this note, it is probably because we have created together a mythical map as a way of integrating and embodying the energetic changes that occurred during the session. I believe it helps the process to understand how this works and why it is needed.

These concepts honour the traditions of the Inca of Peru and the shaman who have passed these traditions down unbroken over thousands of years. They recognise 4 core layers of our existence. There is no better or worse, no good or bad, just different; which is why it is represented as a medicine wheel rather than anything sitting above or below anything else. Each direction works in relationship with the other.

Although there is no sense of hierarchy, there is a vibrational difference between the layers. Our physical bodies have the lowest frequency, then our minds and emotions, then our souls, then the infinite (God, Source, Universal energy). The medical profession works largely at the physical level, offering drugs, procedures or operations appropriate to the presenting symptom. This approach can suppress the symptom itself but rarely offers a cure. Treatments do not easily move up the vibrational ladder. Physical treatments may bring out emotions, but will not cure them. Emotional healing occurs through our own natural processes, for instance when we connect with an emotion from a loving place rather than pushing it back down, or when we seek therapy that helps at this level.

Another option is to work the other way, with the descending vibrational gradient rippling healing down to the lower layers like a waterfall washing over the rocks beneath. When we work with healing energy, it naturally filters through to the soul, to the mind where emotions are held and into the body.

In practical terms then, I will have connected with healing during your session and allowed that to ripple through the other layers, supporting your mind, body and soul. This can make a significant immediate difference and may even have cleared all of the energy of the wound you came with, but this does not mean that you are completely healed of the issue at this stage. To heal fully, you will need to build new neural pathways to replace the old beliefs and associated emotions.

Another way of looking at this is to imagine yourself as a fertile piece of land. In the session, we weeded the earth of whatever shouldn’t be there and planted the seeds of a new potential, a new set of beliefs. Your role hereafter is to nurture the new seeds until they are well established and able to withstand any attempt by old patterns to overrun them. I am using the ‘mythic’ to illustrate this point, going to a place of metaphor to help you understand what I am trying to say. This way of passing on information and ethical points has been used since humans first learned to speak, with fireside tales and writings passing down traditions from one generation to another.

Looking at this in more detail, the mythic layer sits in the North, at the level of the soul. The soul is the eternal part of us, the part that connects to our physical and mental bodies but also remains in spirit, experiencing the limitations of human form while keeping one foot in the non-physical where no such limitations apply. In the non-physical, what we visualise we create, so there are no limitations to what we can ‘material-ise’. This is why the North on the medicine wheel encompasses the soul as well as the level of myth. Our souls get myths and fairy-tales, we understand events at this level and from there we inform our beliefs and through that our physical bodies.

When you honour a mythical map for the traditional 28 days of a lunar cycle, you allow the myth to create new neural pathways and change your way of being around the issue in question, permanently. If you just rely on what I have done for you in the session, the new seeds of potential can be overrun by the weeds of old habits and other influences.

There are 3 main ways I could ask you to work with your mythological self:

  1. Soul retrievals. When I journey into the underworld to find lost soul parts, I enter the world of the mythical, where blocked energy can appear in any form, from animals, to plants to fantasy figures – there are no rules or limitations there. I will normally return with a soul part, a gift and a power animal. They are all instrumental in helping the new soul part to settle in, so the way you connect and communicate with them is critical in helping them adjust to being with you. I have a separate note on this process if you are interested.
  2. Wounded inner child. The little boy or girl within you can be found in an imaginary place, perhaps hiding in a cupboard or lying in bed with the duvet pulled up tight. If you can engage with that aspect of you in that fantasy world, you can nurture that part of your soul with whatever it needs and, in doing so, change your beliefs and free unexpressed emotions you had locked away. A child in bed might need a torch as a symbol of safety, or a pet as a symbol of support. Nurturing your wounded self in this way can be very powerful.
  3. Mythic map. If we have been working on negative belief systems and repressed emotions, there will often be an affirmation combined with a physical movement that supports your new self. An example might be: ‘when I tell myself I am safe, I feel relaxed and I become courageous’. When you allow your body to express each part of this phrase, you will exponentially increase its power. If your hands clasp around your body to express safety, then flop loosely to express relaxation and are held out with sinews straining to express courage, your body language is greatly magnifying the energy of the affirmation. This helps the new way of being in the world to go deeply into your mind and your body.

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