Who is coronavirus?

Book release

My second book ‘Heal your past, free your future’ is now written and on its way to editing. I’ll let you know when it is available for pre-ordering. I am very excited to have finished this creative phase that encompasses so much of what I have learned in 20 years as a therapist. It is a mixture of theoretical explanation and 12 practical healing keys. I hope you will enjoy reading and working with it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Who is coronavirus?

As a shamanic practitioner, I believe that everything is alive and sacred, from humans down to the smallest grain of sand on the beach. This also applies to the viruses around and within us, they are sacred and part of the natural state of order in the world.

This begs the question – who or what is covid-19? I’m not interested in where the virus came from, whether street market or laboratory, but I do want to know who it is, what dynamics brought it into existence?

Fundamentally, I believe it is a reflection of our collective consciousness at this time. When I journeyed shamanically to meet the virus, I found it as an expression of the shadow side of humanity, of our collective physical and emotional toxicity. Just as with our bodies, if the overall system is out of balance, the accumulated toxicity has to be expressed somehow, in this instance through a virus.

This is not to say that those worst affected by covid-19 are being judged by the infection in any way; it was created by the collective human experience and, much like life in general on this plane of existence, those that do most damage are rarely at the front end of the consequences. The West has led the pollution of the world and the grab for material gain, but other nations are the ones who suffer most.

Nature follows the line of least resistance, so if flooding is needed, the low lying land masses are flooded first. If a pandemic emerges, the elderly, vulnerable and oppressed are affected first. It’s not fair, but it’s how life works when we fundamentally have free will over our own lives and the planet around us.

I also saw this species level imbalance as a self-feeding ‘drama triangle’ of victims, perpetrators and rescuers. This is not just the nature of covid-19 itself, it is also the nature of our global response to it. Instead of looking for greater individual responsibility for our health and well being, governments and scientists have vilified the virus as the ‘perpetrator’, much like we do any disease, and us as ‘victims’ that need to be ‘rescued’ by a variety of centrally orchestrated measures, including vaccination and social distancing.

There is virtually no power credited to us as individuals, or emphasis on the importance of each one of us doing whatever we can to protect our own immune functions through good nutrition, exercise and emotional well-being. If anything, the central powers have gone out of their way to weaken our personal power through the propaganda of fear, with the only solutions being proposed by Government.

The final sense I have here from my shamanic journeying is that we will all have to explore our relationship to what the virus represents. It is the challenge of this time for each of us to be the hero of our own story and confront our deepest fears and our individual relationship to greed, oppression and injustice, if we so choose. We could meet it through exposure to the virus, through the vaccination, which incidentally I believe contains enough of the genetic code to carry the sacred consciousness of the virus itself, or through our own personal meditation or healing practice. This meeting will be played out at all levels, the physical through the expression of our immune systems and antibodies, the emotional through our relationship to centralised power and fear and the spiritual through our willingness to live led by our souls with power and integrity.

I do believe the virus is a teacher for all humanity. It can hardly be a co-incidence that it has appeared as we begin the Aquarian age. It challenges us to peer deep into the shadows of the world structures we have collectively created and choose something different. This is the light at the end of the tunnel, the light that shines ahead of us and beckons us into a new way of being.

It is time for change, I wish us all well with the journey.

With blessings



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