Here is my latest take on global dynamics.

I don’t have a particular name for what is happening around the world to humanity. I have heard it called an ascension process, a shift to 5th dimensional consciousness, the beginning of the age of Aquarius or the time of the great turning. Whatever the terminology, it does feel to me that we are very much in it. 

That begs the question ‘what is my role here?’ I talked about the ‘in breath’ and the ‘out breath’ in an earlier newsletter, I want to expand on that a little now with a different perspective. 

But first, I must acknowledge that to be able to explore these spiritual issues requires a high degree of privilege. There are so many people around the world struggling to get by from day to day, living in a mixture of challenges – danger, poverty, ill health etc. I am aware that this kind of discussion can feel a bit disrespectful, so I write this with humility in mind and with gratitude for my privilege to be able to do this kind of work. 

Getting back to the main point, my sense is that we are in a time of necessary chaos. Chaos is an interesting term because it implies an unstructured process, but actually it is a necessary and highly orchestrated aspect of our global changes. We see chaos in nature through forest fires, hurricanes, storms and other weather extremes. However difficult it is for those of us affected by them, this is what nature does. These processes are essential to our planet staying in balance. They are the mechanisms of change, the death of the old and the birth of the new. Destruction, unpredictability and chaos are all inevitable aspects of our planetary life cycle.

In that context, humanity is in this state of flux and the deep change we are going through requires us to be unsettled, unsure, out of balance even, if we are to ride with this energy. If I dowse about this, I get that we should ideally only be 25% ‘landed’ at the moment. Being in this state of flux allows us to ride with these winds of change and remain open to the new energies that are coming in.

I would ask you to enquire inwards and ask how settled you are right now, how sure you are of your future and how comfortable you feel with the world as it is. If you do feel largely balanced about your world and clear about your role within it, then I would suggest you may have jumped ship early and could miss out on some of the potential of this new age in our history.

Speaking personally, I dowse that I am just over 30% landed. Parts of my life are in flux, but nonetheless I have anchored some aspects that should ideally still be up in the air, open to fresh scrutiny. In other words, I have played a bit safe and am likely to miss out on a little of the gold that is being offered to us at this time of new potential. I’ll have to tune into that for myself, perhaps you could do the same for your own life. Ask yourself these questions as a starter:

– Where am I playing safe?

– Where am I recreating my old life out of habit or fear?

– Where is my passion unfulfilled?

– How could I be deeper in service?

– What am I ready to let go of in my life?  

– How can I live in better balance with the planet and leave a smaller footprint?

I’m not feeling that this is the best time to make major changes or commitments, but it is a time to follow our hearts, day by day, and see the directions in which we are drawn. Some will be old, some will be new. This is a chance to explore the essence of our dreams, the kind of areas where we are passionate, where we could have more fun, show more compassion and be in deeper service to our planet. When the time is right, we can make lasting commitments in these areas, but for now, I feel the need for fluidity and flexibility, to allow the global changes to land a bit more before we integrate them in a more structured way into our lives.   

I hope these reflections help you with your own process and that you find that unique gift you bring to this moment in history.

With blessings


PS – For those who see me as a kinesiologist, I remain committed to resuming face to face meetings from the 1st September. I need to find an appropriate centre to host my practice now that Cherry Orchards has closed, so please look out for a separate update, or log onto my website for the latest details.


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