‘Heal Your Past, Free your Future’ now available

Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

‘Heal Your Past, Free your Future’ offers a unique perspective within the genre of spiritual and emotional healing.

Moving in places, challenging in others, it asks us all to look afresh at the perceived norms and dogmas that can distract us from our true path.   

BUY – Heal your past, Free your Future

It is a book of two parts:

Part I explores the principles of healing, drawing on both the wisdom of ancient teachings and the author’s own extensive experiences, interspersed with anecdotes from his own healing journey.

Some of the areas covered include:

  • Healing across time
  • The 5 stages of the healing process
  • Healing as a Hero’s journey
  • Death and rebirth within the healing process 
  • Working with full permission
  • The shadows of complementary healthcare, including privilege and cultural appropriation
  • Avoiding ‘spiritual bypassing’ and ‘toxic positivity’
  • Expanding into global support and our responsibilities to our planet.

Part II is the self help section which offers clear protocols to help release whatever issues and imbalances come up for the reader. Personal stories can be held and supported by the structure and healing codes contained within this unique 12 step process.

Step 1 – Energetic protection

Step 2 – Denial and Avoidance

Step 3 – Muddy boots

Step 4 – Ancestral influences

Step 5 – Our birth experience

Step 6 – Childhood

Step 7 – Survival mode

Step 8 – Core beliefs

Step 9 – Beyond the masculine and feminine

Step 10 – Privilege

Step 11 – Grounding and embodiment

Step 12 – Soul retrieval

I have decided to distribute this hardback book solely through my own websites, so please follow the appropriate link below:

BUY – Heal your past, Free your Future

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