The alchemy of healing


I have already explored how these little grounding chips work. They seem to connect us to the electromagnetic tuning fork of mother earth and her natural rhythms.

I have another curiosity based on the two aura photos below. How is it that the resonators hold a healed state for the person’s injured left wrist? Why is the thick white band in the first more balanced in the second?

     Baseline photo             With resonator added

It suggests to me that resonators do more than just support us in the face of electromagnetic interference. They must also connect us to our own blueprint in some way. If Mother earth is an aspect of the divine, then when we connect with her we must surely also be connecting to our own divinely inspired state of being.

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We are moving towards the last few healing keys and codes, looking at topical and potentially controversial areas. The keys give you some support but without the context of the supporting chapter itself.

Here is the healing key for today…

Key 9

I honour the unique essence of the masculine and feminine within me and live through the highest expression of their gifts.

428 119 263 197

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Today’s main theme – The alchemy of healing

I’ve experienced so many incredible therapies on my journey of healing. I’ve often reflected on the huge variety of offerings out there and looked for any commonalities that connect them. What is that single process, that magical alchemical reaction that is essential for any healing process to take place? I believe there is a core process and I’ll tell you what it looks like to me:

The first step is to clearly identify the exact nature of the issue. You wouldn’t expect a doctor to jump to their prescription pad if you said you were ‘feeling unwell’ any more than you would expect a complementary therapist to help without knowing what is out of balance. You might manifest, for example, a skin complaint but is it a result of inner toxicity? … a sense of needing stronger boundaries to the outside world?… or a childhood lack of loving touch? I don’t believe our wounded expressions will simply let go of their protective programmes unless we have identified exactly what needs releasing and why it is safe or appropriate to do so.

The second step is to show our internal systems that the imbalance or response is untrue or unnecessary. The old behaviour might be based on the dangers felt in an historical situation that is no longer present, or the result of a false belief system pushed by a childhood caregiver.

These protective instincts are there to help us, not punish us. There are times when indigestion, high states of alert, poor sleep etc may be natural and to some extent necessary. When that situation has passed, healing of their consequences can be found. If the situation is still present, there is much support that can be given, but aspects of these deeper issues may remain.

Having established the exact nature of the core wound and that it is timely and appropriate to work with it, the third step is to create an environment where the wound is met by an aspect of our healed state. In other words, an aspect of our experience that is out of balance will be a depleting factor on our life force and will only be balanced when it is met by a healed resource. I suggest there are 3 core areas of resource, perhaps you can think of more:

  1. The body’s natural blueprint and its innate knowledge of it. When you stimulate a meridian or a pressure point, the body assesses the current state of that system or energy channel against its known state of wellness.

  2. A balanced system somewhere within the body. For instance, a therapist might ask a client to find a place within that feels stable and grounded. An anxious mind might be helped by the stability of that person’s rhythmic breathing pattern, or the solid feeling of their feet upon the floor.

  3. A connection with an external source of healing, such as reiki, the angelic realm, God, or nature.

I believe that healing is not just a connection to some form of love, it is also a connection to truth. Love, healing and the truth are all aspects of the same energy. If you receive healing you might also receive truth through the correction of an illusion you have been holding, perhaps around your self-worth or your personal safety.

I believe we are all eternal beings created perfectly; the confusion built into the human condition is that we can easily and understandably lose sight of this.

With love


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