Allergy Therapy

Why might I need allergy therapy?
The number of people with food or inhalant allergies has increased dramatically in recent years. It is estimated that 25% of young children and up to 60% of adults now show symptoms associated with food reactions.

Allergy therapy identifies those foods and inhalants that stress your immune system. If you can avoid them for a while, your health and energy levels should improve significantly and many of the foods identified can then be re-introduced.

Because the therapy is gentle and relaxing, it is suitable for anyone who suspects they have sensitivities - from babies to pensioners. It is particularly valuable for children where additives and foods could be having a detrimental effect on their health and behaviour.

What causes allergies?
There are many reasons why some people react to certain foods while others digest them with ease. For many, it is a combination of factors related to their lifestyle, their digestive health and the environment in general. Examples are :

What symptoms could be caused by allergies?
Many common symptoms and signs could suggest the possibility of food intolerance or allergy. For example:

How would you identify my allergies?
Using kinesiology - a new but powerful therapy that can accurately and painlessly identify both the problem foods, chemicals and inhalants along with any underlying causes - all in less than an hour! The treatment will identify:

The good news is that many food and inhalant sensitivities can be corrected when the underlying cause is addressed, especially if the offending items have been avoided in the meantime.

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