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I could quote testimonials from clients about how kinesiology and ‘Quantum K’ has changed their health, and in some cases their lives, but this would be anecdotal. To provide more impressive evidence, I conducted a detailed survey between July 15th and November 15th 2005. It includes every new client that I started seeing during this period and saw at least twice. This is a short timescale, but the 36 qualifying case studies are more than enough to produce statistically significant results.

Each client assessed their progress at the beginning of each session, so the results of the first treatment were established at the start of the second. I used an assessment scale of 0-10, where 0 is as good as it could be over the last week and 10 as bad as it could be, so a diminishing graph is good! Here is a brief summary of the results:

I was particularly pleased with these results because the survey period was very short, with on average only 9 weeks between start and finish of the monitoring. For clients who had suffered chronic symptoms for an average period of 7 years (with a median of 4 years), such a quick response is very significant. These treatments were not for common colds or acute injuries, but for symptoms that had defied all previous treatment and the healing potential of their own bodies.

As the system keeps working until there is no more to do, there would be further improvements in the weeks that followed. Of course, the point of this study was to prove that this system works, not necessarily the extent or speed of its effectiveness. I am also happy to report that not one person reported worsening health during this study, despite the risk of personal circumstances adversely influencing the results. The fact that kinesiology is safe should not be taken for granted in an age where so many illnesses result from medical intervention.

The headline results are:

Finally, I can't resist putting in one or two testimonials to re-inforce the human aspect of these treatments:

"To say things are much better is a gross understatement. I think the accumulative effect of the sessions have come together now, I feel fantastic, my excess weight is reducing because I am eating normally, I have got 90% of my brain function back AT LAST. I have not been this up for this time of year for so many years I didn't realise just how depressed I was. I am going from strength to strength now, I can say without doubt this is due to my sessions with you because it has been effortless for me and as you know effort is not one of my strengths. Also it has given me the strength to face my nemesis the dreaded "sugar". It has been like playing with a little kitten not the demon lion of my imagination. 3 weeks now sugar free that has never happend before ever and no cravings is nothing short of a miracle." Ray

"Just to say a big THANK YOU for all your wonderful work. It is so fantastic to have me back and all my energy". Jane

"You have worked your magic again. So far I have been well and feeling full of energy." Shirley

"I can let go of my stuck habits and old thought patterns and that is very liberating. ...So you can tell how grateful I am for your help." Anne

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