Andrew Kemp

"I first discovered kinesiology as a patient, while working within the financial services industry. The transformation in my own health led me to investigate the therapy further and this initial interest soon became an obsession.

After extensive training, I launched my own kinesiology business. I have used my experience to develop a clinical approach to health which allows me to assess and support the underlying condition of the major bodily systems. This is supported by a range of delicate techniques that help with emotional and other more subtle issues, including spiritual ones.

I am particularly excited about my recent work with 'Quantum K'. This uses the latest findings in fractal geometry and quantum physics, applying this cutting edge scientific thinking to the human body. "

This style of work has removed the need for nutritional or herbal supplements in my work, keeping the cost of treatments to the basic fee. This helps me offer an effective but inclusive therapy. "

Claire Kedward

"I discovered Kinesiology through my own health problems as many practitioners do. Ironically I had booked in for a back massage and ended up having a Kinesiology session, which thankfully helped with more than just my neck and back pain!

Once I realised the potential that Kinesiology had to offer, there was no doubt in my mind that this was the therapy for me. I am a very logical person, and although it deals with energetic imbalances (once a very alien concept to me!) I could understand the basis of how it was working and could not only see, but feel the benefits for myself almost immediately.

Personally, I have used it to improve my squash performance, resolve injuries and cope with the stresses and strains of daily life as well as helping my clients.

I have also attended courses in Counselling and Nutrition to support my work as a Kinesiologist and I am a member of the Kinesiology Federation."

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